*Average weight loss on the Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan® is 12 pounds. Clients are in weight loss, on average, for 12 weeks.

Ailie Webb

"I was desperate to have more energy to be able to tackle the demands of motherhood with a fun, energetic and healthy approach."

For Ailie, it is important to set a great, healthy example for her children and others around her. As a naturally social person, Ailie felt trapped, never wanting to leave the house. "It was frustrating to be held captive by a 'fat suit' that I felt I was wearing."

There were many important factors that led Ailie to choose OPTAVIA. "The biggest factor for me that set this program apart from others, was the availability of a Coach." Living a busy life like many others, Ailie loved the convenience of the food and the simplicity of the program. She enjoyed the freedom to cook a lean and green meal every day as well as the variety of Fuelings she could select from. "It is SO easy to live life whilst on program."

Ailie thinks it's funny that people do not recognize her and loves the compliments she receives having lost 47 pounds*. The most meaningful compliment that she gets is how healthy she looks. "I am LOVING life again!"

Working out is now enjoyable for Ailie. She is doing things she previously thought was impossible such as training to run a 5k, kickboxing, and reformer Pilates. "I'm doing things that I would never have done before, like going to the beach, bike riding with my baby, and going out running with all of my kids!" Ailie can finally exercise with ease and push herself harder than ever before all while balancing the importance of her family.

Ailie's relationship with her kids and husband has drastically improved as well. "My family as a whole is eating more healthily, and they ALL know the importance of balance in life." She has taught them the importance of balancing different food groups, relaxation versus exertion, and spending time together versus taking time for yourself.

Ailie no longer faces mood swings and she and her family welcomes more positivity in their lives. "I am less stressed than I ever have been and feel I can handle difficult situations better." Ailie has finally found the balance she has been looking for amongst her life.

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