*Average weight loss on the Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan® is 12 pounds. Clients are in weight loss, on average, for 12 weeks.

Esther Holland

"I have a whole new life now because of OPTAVIA," Esther says. "I've been able to pick out a route for my life that speaks to me."

Though Esther had tried many diets and programs, she had never seen long-term success with any of them. That didn' t stop her, however, from going to the gym to burn calories, exercising heavily, including going to Zumba class. But she continued to weigh in around 300 pounds. Esther now realizes there was a huge disconnect in her mind.

"I didn' t realize how much I needed to change my habits and rein in my calories and food intake," Esther says. "I had lost up to 100 pounds several times, but because I never adopted a new lifestyle, it didn' t make a lasting difference."

More than the physical limitations Esther's weight created in her life, the mental, emotional, and psychological limitations caused even more pain. "I was bereft of confidence," Esther says. "I was hiding under the covers, never discovering who I really was. I stayed away from a career, from friends. The emotional part of being that overweight was awful."

Several people in Esther' s community had engaged with OPTAVIA Coaches, and Esther began to see people "melting away." She ran into a college friend who had the shared struggle of going up and down the scale, but now was at a normal healthy weight. Esther met her friend's Coach Jackie. Though she had lost weight and was down to 285 pounds through heavy exercise at that point, Esther knew she needed additional help and support.

Over the next nine months, Esther lost 137 pounds*. "It's not magic because you are doing the work, but it feels like magic," she says. "The structure of the program and the support of my Coach and my consistent success carried me along."

The Habits of Health played a huge role in Esther's success by raising her level of engagement and her awareness of her own blinders. "The unique structure of the program made the knowledge come to life," she says, "and my growing confidence allowed me to face my own issues. I learned a lot about myself by adopting Dr. A's new ways of thinking. It helped me see my capabilities."

It's an upward spiral that Esther plans to continue following as an OPTAVIA Coach. Her own Coach and the support team provided an anchor to help keep her solid through video and phone support calls, sharing information and inspiration. She soon became ready to help others the way she had been helped, and her business goals have grown along with her confidence.

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