*Average weight loss on the Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan® is 12 pounds. Clients are in weight loss, on average, for 12 weeks.

Justin Barton

"The OPTAVIA community is so inspiring," Justin says. "Through Facebook, Twitter, Zoom calls and other social media outreach, we're able to create a sense of trust that program will work, and to share ideas."

Justin had always been a really skinny kid, but once he hit his 30's, he started gaining weight. Fast food was a constant, and like most Americans, he didn't really understand how his caloric intake was causing his weight to dramatically balloon. When he was with the youth group from his church and was shunned off the roller coaster ride because his stomach was too big for the safety harness, Justin realized his life needed to change. At 325 pounds, it was time.

"My Pastor was having results with OPTAVIA, and his results were where I wanted to be personally," says Justin. "I asked him 'what are you doing?' He told me about the program, and I was ready."

It took Justin five months to lose 100 pounds*. "I didn't want a pill or medications. I wanted something that worked from the inside. Food is what got me here. I wanted a way to attack that."

Justin became an OPTAVIA Coach himself after just one month into his own program. His business is growing and helping other people change their own lives is what keeps him motivated. "One of my Clients is close to his goal weight, he has lost 120 pounds*. Helping even just one person makes this all worthwhile, but I've been able to help many, many people."

A foundational part of the OPTAVIA approach is re-educating people about food and their bodies, and Justin says providing this "new way of thinking" is key. "Being a Coach is so much more than a business," Justin says. "It's helping others understand what's going into our bodies; it's teaching others to become label readers; it's learning new habits."

Justin shares with his Clients the same approach his Coach shared with him: adopting new Healthy Habits that can last a lifetime. "By the time I was ready to transition from the 5&1 Program to the 3&3 Program, I had new habits from learning the Habits of Health. I had consistency, which is what got me where I am. As a Coach, I want to keep encouraging people to finally do it."

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