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Essential Optimal Kit (5&1 Plan®)


The Essential Fuelings™, like all our Fuelings, are full of delicious, nutrient-dense and scientifically designed options to help you reach and maintain your Optimal Health.

Classic flavors you know and love, with something for everyone. That's what Essential Fuelings™ are all about. Tomatoes and herbs, cranberries and honey, chocolate and mint, raisins and oats - the Essential Optimal Kit is complete with Fuelings that make healthy eating second nature.

New to OPTAVIA? Don't miss out.
Join the OPTAVIA Premier™ Club today and you'll get five free boxes of OPTAVIA Fuelings with your first order of any kit. That's enough healthy and delicious Fuelings for 30 days on the Optimal Weight 5&1 Plan™.

Existing Client or Coach?
Don't forget to add five additional boxes of Fuelings to your order for a full 30 day supply.

Your Essential Optimal Kit includes:

  • Silky Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Bar
  • Creamy Chocolate Shake
  • Drizzled Chocolate Fudge Crisp Bar
  • Wild Strawberry Shake
  • Creamy Double Peanut Butter Crisp Bar
  • Decadent Chocolate Brownie with Greek Yogurt Chips
  • Raisin Oat Cinnamon Crisp Bar (2)
  • Caramel Delight Crisp Bar
  • Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie
  • Roasted Garlic Creamy Smashed Potatoes
  • Chocolate Mint Cookie Crisp Bar
  • Golden Chocolate Chip Pancakes
  • Rustic Tomato Herb Penne
  • Honey Mustard & Onion Sticks
  • BBQ Crunchers
  • Homestyle Chicken Flavored & Vegetable Noodle Soup
  • FREE OPTAVIA Blender Bottle*
  • 5 FREE Client Choices*

*Included with your first OPTAVIA Premier™ order.

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