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Purposeful Hydration Kit


Introducing OPTAVIA Purposeful Hydration™. Another healthy habit, done with purpose.

Proper hydration is as critical as healthy nutrition to achieving lifelong transformation. So we created a delicious, effortless way to make it a daily habit. It's three products. Each with two purposes. At one with your life.

The first purpose: to cue you when to hydrate and why.
The second purpose: to hydrate you throughout your day.

The Purposeful Hydration Kit includes one box of each delicious flavor.

START STRONG contains as much Vitamin C as six oranges, which helps support a healthy immune system.
Flavor: Juicy Orange

B ACTIVE is an excellent source of B Vitamins, which help support cellular energy production.
Flavor: Lemon Lime Zest

REPLENISH helps restore key electrolytes lost throughout your active day and is a good source of Potassium and Magnesium.
Flavor: Bold Mixed Berry

With your first kit purchase, you'll receive a FREE exclusive Purposeful Hydration water bottle ($15.95) that will help you make healthy hydration second nature.

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