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*Average weight loss on the Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan® is 12 pounds. Clients are in weight loss, on average, for 12 weeks.

Lesa Burgess

"I have always had a passion for health."

Lesa was a collegiate athlete and received her degree in Exercise Science. She became a mother of five children and battled with her emotions and exhaustion.

"I knew a piece of myself was missing and I didn't feel like ME." Lesa struggled, trying to find her missing piece. She knew it involved helping others to find a missing piece within themselves, "a strength, a confidence, a joy that comes from being committed to Optimal Health" that they never knew existed but she didn't know how.

Lesa tried everything. "I coached CrossFit, did personal training, created workout programs, and joined a health and wellness network marketing company." Nothing fit what she was looking for so Lesa continued her search of her "glass slipper."

A short time after a friend from high school, an OPTAVIA Coach™, contacted her, Lesa came to the realization that the Coach opportunity her friend had been talking about was exactly what she needed. Becoming an OPTAVIA Coach was exactly what she had been looking for.

Having started her Coach journey without becoming a Client first, Lesa was seeking the passion she had been missing in the past and was determined to succeed. "It didn't take long for me to realize that this program, this company was exactly what I was searching for all this time."

"I finally feel confident in what I do!" Prior to coaching, Lesa was never fully happy with what she was doing and had a hard time spending time outside of her home while trying to feel like a good mom. "Now that has all changed. I feel 100% confident in what I do as a Coach, I love talking about it, and I love sharing it." Lesa finally has her sense of community and belonging that she missed from being an athlete. She enjoys attending events and trainings and to be surrounded by her team and draw positive emotions and ideas from them.

"My most favorite part about being a Coach is helping people have breakthrough moments; little moments of clarity that come through the process of doing the program and reflecting on the why's of their daily actions and choices." Through that process, her Clients are able to gain the clarity and confidence they need to transform their outlook on their health and how it touches every aspect of their lives." They gain this magical missing piece to their life they didn't even know they had inside themselves!"

Lesa feels complete, confident, and finally feels like she found that piece of herself she was missing for so long. "I feel so incredibly blessed to be an OPTAVIA Coach and have never been more excited about my future!"

*Average weight loss on the Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan® is 12 pounds. Clients are in weight loss, on average, for 12 weeks.

Carol Hipps

"OPTAVIA has been the biggest blessing of my life."

Reconnecting with high school friends on Facebook is commonplace. But watching one of those friends lose 76 pounds in 3 months is not so common. Carol, having fought her weight her whole life and having tried everything to lose it, finally had to reach out to her old friend Mark directly.

Miserable at 252 pounds, Carol's largest weight loss to date had been as a teenager when she ate one meal a day and drank diet Mountain Dew. Obviously not a healthy attempt. Carol was now watching her old friend achieve success not just with his weight loss but with his new business venture, being a Coach for OPTAVIA.

Mark happily shared with Carol his experience with all three parts of the OPTAVIA Trilogy: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Finances. "I went to work at 21 as an RN," says Carol, "and it has been a very rewarding experience. But I've missed a lot of school and family events with long 12-hour shifts and working weekends and holidays."

Additionally, the burden of her weight, RN schedule, raising three children, managing a marriage and all of the stress that comes with it had been wearing her down for the last few years. "I was about to turn 35, depressed, irritable and crying randomly. I could not snap out of it. All of these things helped me reach out to Mark."

Today, Carol has shed 96 pounds*, and as a part of Mark's team, has started her own successful coaching business†. She's fully embraced all three parts of the OPTAVIA Trilogy. She has improved her health, and her mental outlook and state of mind followed suit. "Next to my husband and kids," says Carol, "OPTAVIA has been the biggest blessing of my life."

She adds, "My Coach and mentors have told me 'you set the pace, we'll give you the plan - you do the work.' That's what I tell my Coaches. Tell me what your pace is - what are you looking for? We have the plan. You do the work, and we'll get you there."

Through engaging in the work of helping other Coaches reach their dreams, Carol has advanced up through the ranks as an OPTAVIA Coach.

"We've gained financial freedom that we've never had," says Carol, "but it's the time freedom that's best†."

*Average weight loss on the Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan® is 12 pounds. Clients are in weight loss, on average, for 12 weeks.

Jody Genessy

"I realized I could improve my health, help others, and have an additional source of income. In fact, we've been able to get our lives back."

Storytelling has always come naturally to Jody, a career sportswriter for a local paper who has been covering his city's professional basketball team for over 20 years. But a short encounter on a small regional plane was the turning point of lasting change. He remembers walking down the aisle of the plane, seeing the looks of people hoping "the fat guy" wasn't going to sit down next to them.

When he did finally sit down, at 373 pounds, his 5'8" frame leaning away from his neighbor to not invade his space, part of his body spilling into the aisle, the armrest digging into his side, his back and neck hurting... he began to type into his phone what it was like to be the fat guy on the plane. As he continued to write, he realized everything was lousy, miserable, uncomfortable and painful. Not just on this plane, but everywhere in his life.

"My profession is to sit on the sidelines and observe athletes play their sport. But I was also on the sidelines of life, stuck in a state of woe and misery, says Jody. "I had a lot to live for, but I didn't feel alive. This program is like somebody showed me the 'on' button for my body and my soul, honestly."

Jody became a Coach about a month into his own journey. He had watched a video posted by a Coach in his support group about the great income a Coach can make all while helping other people†. With 11 credit cards maxed out and a foreclosure notice sitting on the kitchen table, Jody began to consider the opportunity.

"I realized I could improve my health, help others, and have an additional source of income. In fact, we've been able to get our lives back," Jody says. He has so far lost 165 pounds*, and with the help of his coaching income, paid off the 6th credit card and regained control of their mortgage†.

Having learned and incorporated the Habits of Health™ into his life, Jody is now focusing on learning how to coach other Coaches and open the doors of opportunity for them. "Every dollar we earn as Coaches is a dollar that helped someone else get healthy," Jody says.

Jody works with Coaches who have many different definitions of success. He embraces all of them. "Earning an extra $200 a month is life-changing for some of my Coaches," he says. "As for me, I'm super excited for the future."

Jody's new goals include losing a few more pounds for the healthiest body weight he can achieve, and gaining a healthy financial position in his life in order to serve his family and others.

Jody says, "My business is just starting to blossom. I'm turning my mess into a message."

The stories shared reflect the unique experience of a small percentage of U.S. OPTAVIA Coaches and should not be relied upon by prospective or current OPTAVIA Coaches as an indication of what they should expect to earn, nor do they take into account any expenses that may have been incurred by the Coach. OPTAVIA makes no guarantee of financial success. Success with OPTAVIA results from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, skill, persistence, competence, and leadership. Please see the OPTAVIA Income Disclosure Statement for statistics on actual earnings of U.S. Coaches under the U.S. compensation plan which may differ from compensation plans in other jurisdictions.
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